AN AFTERNOON tea produced a stirring show of support for local teenagers who are going on an international aid mission.

Pupils from St Stephen’s High School are one step closer to their African charity adventure thanks to a fundraiser at a local church.

A group of five pupils and two staff members are going to Malawi, where they will help build a new school.

Students Kieran Henderson, Amy Gillan, Katie Matthews, Caitlin Cunningham and Molly McGerr are set to make the trip in June joined by teachers Mark Parsons and Clare McKinney.

The group have organised and held various fundraisers to try and raise £5,000 to help towards materials and other costs over there.

They also need a further £2,500 each to cover the costs of travel.

Head girl Katie Matthews organised the most recent appeal event, afternoon tea event in St Francis' Church hall in the Port.

Her efforts paid off as over £800 was donated on the day, which will go towards covering travel costs.

Katie said: “I just wanted to raise as much as I could and I am delighted at the money taken in, it was more than I thought.

“I was really pleased with how it went.

"You never know if people will show up but they came in and out throughout the day, so I was really pleased.

“I would like to thank everyone who turned up on the day to support the event, and everyone who was there to lend a hand including volunteers from EE.”