A MAN armed himself with a knife and threatened his neighbours as a dispute about food being thrown for birds spiralled out of control.

Andrew Williamson, 65, grabbed a large kitchen blade and stormed outside to confront a couple who'd taken exception to his wife throwing scraps out of the kitchen window.

Greenock Sheriff Court saw mobile phone camera footage of Williamson clutching the knife at his side and making threats of violence towards his clearly alarmed neighbours.

Prosecutor Pamela Brady said: "The background here is one of a neighbour dispute.

"The accused lives with his wife on the ground floor and the complainers are a couple who live on the third floor.

"They had been annoyed that food was being thrown out of the accused's window into the communal garden."

Williamson, of the town's Mearns Street, pleaded guilty to having the knife unlawfully, shouting, swearing and making threats.

He committed the offences on October 18 last year.

Fiscal depute Mrs Brady said: "At 5.10pm the complainers were in the common close and they saw food being discarded from the Williamson house into the back garden.

"They requested that it stop, however, more food was thrown.

"One complainer began recording what was taking place via a mobile phone.

"They lifted up some of the discarded food and threw it back towards the accused's window.

"The accused made his way round to the communal garden with a large knife.

"He began shouting and swearing at the complainers with the knife at his side and asked if they wanted a 'square go'."

Mrs Brady added: "His wife was at their window as this incident took place.

"The complainers phoned the police as they were extremely alarmed at the behaviour of the accused and the fact that he had a knife."

Sheriff Derek Hamilton deferred sentence for a background report and said he was continuing Williamson's bail 'meantime'.

The case is due to call again on April 10.