A CHRISTIAN charity that has helped save hundreds of lives over the years is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

The Haven in Kilmacolm offers a programme to support men addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Over the last three decades the charity has grown and it now has over 18 residential beds.

Many people who are now back on the right track have gone on to become support workers.

Gary Lister, field director with the charity said: "We must have helped around 500 people over the last 30 years.

"We can help people get off drugs but it is more than that.

"It's about shift and changing their life.

"It's through having faith in God that helps.

"We help people look at issues from their past and work through their failures.

"With a lot of people who end up back on drugs it is due to triggers from the past.

"We look to biblical parables to work through their problems and help them to change their lifestyle."

William Carter, 37, of Gibshill told the Tele this week how the charity saved him from a life of addiction and crime.

He is now a support worker with the Haven and Gary says his experience is invaluable in helping others going through the same thing.

Gary said: "William is on the Teen Challenge bus in Greenock on a Monday night.

"Some people who come on the bus know what William was like before he came to The Haven and gives them the inspiration to change.

"They might think they can't come off drugs but they see William and there's the evidence."

Gary says the 30th anniversary is very important for the charity.

He said: "It is quite a milestone.

"Our office was a pig farm where it all started and has grown arms and legs since since then.

"It is an amazing centre."

The charity's rehab programme helps the person involved and their wider family.

Sherri Black, development officer, said: "People learn how to cook and life skills.

"It helps the whole family - kids have their dad back, mums have their sons back.

"The whole family is changed by it."

William and his fiancee Anne Docherty, who rekindled their relationship following William's recovery, have been fundraising for The Haven and raised £580 at a Tea and Testimonies Event at Struthers Memorial Church, pictured, to celebrate the 30th birthday.

The organisation has now launched a fundraising drive appealing for 300 people to raise £30 each to continue its good work.

Anne said: "It's a massive year for The Haven and they have saved so many people's lives.

"It's more than a recovery project, it teaches basic life skills and makes people responsible for their own actions."

Anyone that can help with fundraising should make contact through The Haven's Facebook page.