THE new position for a bus shelter on the A78 in Skelmorlie is an 'accident waiting to happen' according to a local roads campaigner.

Archie Burleigh, who lives in The Meigle, has hit out at the road alterations including a shortened lay-by area and has written to Transport Scotland and Transerv officials to complain.

Mr Burleigh said: "The bus lay-by and shelter on Shore Road opposite the Chinese takeaway has recently been altered.

"The bus lay-bye has been shortened to accommodate the new shelter.

"The old shelter, now removed, was in the middle of the lay-by and set well back from the main road. It is now adjacent to the kerb.

"The lay bye is now too short for the standard service buses to enter it."

Mr Burleigh says the new arrangement is 'wholly unacceptable'.

He said: "The bus shelter is now prone to being struck in a road traffic accident as it is on the main road kerb edge."

The roads campaigner also stated that the lay-by is after the shelter so passengers have to move along the roadway to reach the bus doors to embark.

Transport chiefs have still to respond.