SPEEDING drivers have turned a busy country road in Inverclyde into an accident blackspot.

Councillor David Wilson says some motorists are travelling above the speed limit on the 30mph A761 Port Glasgow Road in Kilmacolm.

A series of crashes have been reported on the route over the few months.

He is now campaigning for traffic calming measures to be introduced.

Councillor Wilson told the Telegraph: "In the last nine months there have been six accidents in this short stretch.

"Constituents are very concerned and their concerns were raised at the February meeting of the community council."

Cllr Wilson asked roads officials to conduct checks on the road adjacent to the old quarry site.

He said: "This information will be input to the traffic calming priority list in late 2019 or early 2020 to determine if any action is required.

"The speeds are over 30mph, so I think traffic calming measures are merited."

Mr Wilson says that police have been out with mobile speed cameras following complaints from residents.

He said: "The problem is that they need to be visible, so that motorists slow down.

"It seems to be more prevalent coming out of the village than going in, as drivers hit the bend."

But local resident Jenny Cowan who lives in the area disagrees.

She believes the main problem lies with motorists entering the village.

Jenny said: "The speeds are excessive from Port Glasgow coming up the cemetery road.

"It's incredibly dangerous.

"I would welcome traffic traffic measures and more signage, such as the 30mph digital speed signs we have elsewhere.

Councillor Wilson said: "I’ll be providing information to Police Scotland who will determine if they require to take enforcement action."