BRAZEN fly-tippers dumped the contents of a property in the middle of a busy Port Glasgow street.

A sofa, mattress, drawers and various other furniture items were abandoned on grassland in Kilmacolm Road.

One disgusted driver said he was outraged to see the mess lying next to one of the busiest roads in the east end.

He said: "It's absolutely shocking to see this rubbish dumped at the side of the road.

"It looks like a property has been emptied and the stuff has just been dumped.

"It was lying there for two weeks."

The Tele reported the mess to Inverclyde Council, who sent a team to clear it up.

A spokesman for the local authority said: “We have now cleared up the fly-tipping on Kilmacolm Road.

"It’s difficult to understand why people fly-tip.

"Dumb dumpers often drive for miles to ruin a beauty spot when the council runs two recycling centres – one at Kirn Drive for cars only and the other at Pottery Street for cars and vans.

"The council also operates a bulk uplift service where we will collect large items of rubbish from people’s homes."

The spokesman issued a stern warning to anyone else who is thinking about fly-tipping.

He added: "Fly-tipping is totally unnecessary and dumb dumpers can face a £200 on the spot fine or, if convicted in court, a fine of up to £40,000.

"We actively investigate fly-tipping.

"We pursue those responsible and, where we have sufficient evidence, we push for the heaviest fines possible.

"We checked this rubbish to see if there was an evidence to show who was responsible but unfortunately there wasn’t any.”