PUPILS in Port Glasgow gave the Tele a warm welcome as they learned about the world of journalism.

The St Michael's Primary communication group invited reporter and former student Paul John Coulter and his photographer colleague George Munro along to the school to find out about their roles at Inverclyde's daily evening newspaper.

They turned the tables on the Tele duo and put them on the spot with a series of in-depth questions about their jobs and journalism.

Teacher Maria Moses, who leads the communication pupil voice group, said: "We learned so much about the life of a journalist and photographer.

"A massive thank-you to Paul John and George for speaking to the group."

The St Michael's communication team includes 17 boys and girls representing all classes.

The group was set up to share school news with families, friends and the wider community and has quickly grown arms and legs thanks to the enthusiasm of the youngsters.

They have been heavily involved in publicising many school events in print, online and on social media.

Mrs Moses said: "The group was initially created to communicate information and events to parents/carers and the local community through the school website.

"We also have some very keen photographers who are learning how to use different technology to take pictures and videos, which can be uploaded to the school Twitter page, website and blog.

"After a few discussions, the pupils decided that they wanted to enhance their learning further by taking the role of interviewer, reporter, leader, delegator and public speaker. "The group devised a list of skills they wanted to learn and set out how this could be achieved."

The group also make sure other pupils learn from their experiences as roving reporters by delivering short presentations, posting regular updates on the school blog and producing wall displays.