PEOPLE are fed up with Brexit, fed up with this shambolic Tory ­Government and the crisis and chaos that it has imposed on us against our will.

But after three years of thinking one way or another we would finally have clarity on 29 March, we are just as uncertain today as we were nearly three years ago - when the people of Inverclyde, and Scotland, voted remain but the votes of people in the rest of the UK set us on this current course.

Scotland did not vote for Brexit – but our votes, the concerns of our council and the representations of our Government have been ignored by Westminster throughout this process.

This of course despite the fact that in 2014, the people of Inverclyde were told that the best way to protect our rights as members of the EU was to vote “No” to independence.

In the crucial days ahead, the SNP will continue doing everything we can to ensure Scotland is heard, its wishes and interests protected.

Given all we now know about the devastation Brexit would cause, the priority must be to stay in the EU to prevent decades of damage. That is the position my party will advocate as we continue cross-party talks.

Given its record up until now, I have no confidence in Westminster acting in Scotland’s interests but the SNP and our MP Ronnie Cowan will do all we can to build consensus and find a way out of this crisis.

Of course, the UK government’s own analysis tells us that any type of Brexit will see the Scottish Economy suffer, but local projects based right on our door step have no guarantee their EU funding will continue.

The douncil receives £800,000 a year from the European Social fund for employment initiatives for people with multiple barriers to work, who are furthest from the labour market.

Many of us might not even realise some of the support the EU provides in funding onto our doorsteps:

A sum of £36k of EU funding employs a Community Development Worker to work in the areas of Maukinhill and the Strone. £50k to Inverclyde Community Care Forum, £87k to Parklea Branching out, £177k to Branchton community centre, £31k to CVS Inverclyde, and £43k to residents of Branchton, Bow Farm, Pennyfern, Fancy Farm and Grieve Road to focus on community-led health and wellbeing projects. If you are familiar with these groups, you’ll know they make a real difference in Inverclyde.

With Theresa May’s government producing a new failed policy on Brexit in a daily basis, we are also prepared for the prospect of a snap general election. However, with the Tory Government on the verge of collapse and Labour in disarray, anything could happen – though I suspect both parties secretly dread an election disaster.

The UK political parties have saw their plans for Brexit go down like a warm can of lager in Scotland. The verdict of the Scottish people could see them haemorrhage support.

People are fed up with Brexit, fed up with this shambolic UK Government and the crisis and chaos that it has imposed on us against our will.

Any pretence that Scotland is treated as an equal partner in the UK has gone out of the window and, whatever happens now, it is clear that the only way to properly protect our interests is with independence.