THE number of lifesaving public defibrillators in Inverclyde has rocketed since a grieving couple launched a campaign in memory of their ten-year-old son.

Kathleen and John Orr vowed to save lives by putting the machines into schools and public places following the tragic death of their son Jayden.

Now the number of defibrillators which are able to be used in an emergency has jumped from a lowly three, to nearly 30.

Inverclyde has also become the first district in the country to draw up an action plan to increase access even more and train more people in CPR.

The Scottish Ambulance Service, St Andrew's and the British Heart Foundation are all behind the big push.

Kathleen, who wants to create a lasting legacy in her son's name, said: "It was a such a low number to start with but we are pleased the numbers have gone up.

"I have been round the schools making sure they are registering the defibs.

"The Scottish Ambulance Service needs to know where they are so that they can tell people where to get one in an emergency, until they arrive.

"I think with the campaign and the strategy we are starting to get somewhere."

At Kathleen's latest campaign meeting, chaired by local MSP Stuart McMillan, Inverclyde Council were also present along with a representative from the health and social care partnership and Heartstart charity.

They are looking at creating a map to show where all the defibrillators are in the district.

Kathleen added: "We need to show where there is no coverage.

"That might get more people on board."

As well as making sure all schools have a defibrillator the Orr family have launched a petition for Jayden's Law - which would make it a legal requirement for all new public buildings above a certain size to have a defibrillator.

With the backing of MSP Mr McMillan, they hope to establish a lasting legacy for Jayden.

Mr McMillan said: "I was pleased to see so many organisations involved in this latest round table meeting and equally pleased with some excellent ideas and initiatives that were offered today.

“All parties are approaching this initiative to build on the improved local defibrillator coverage as well as the growing number of people who are undertaking CPR Training via Heartstart.

“Once again I pay tribute to Kathleen Orr and her family for the courage and strength they are showing in this campaign in memory of Jayden. "They are making Inverclyde a safer place as a result of the campaign.