A PORT Glasgow teenager proved himself a cut above as he raised hundreds of pounds for a counselling charity.

Aiden Baird, 13, who has autism spectrum disorder and suffers from sensory issues, hadn’t been for a haircut in more than two years due to finding the whole experience overwhelming.

With the support of family, friends and Elaine Campbell from Eclipse Hair Design Aiden is now getting a little of his hair cut every week.

Mum Gill said: “It’s a really big thing for Aiden and he is raising awareness that something like going for a haircut isn’t easy for everyone.

“Now Aiden is a teenager he is trying to understand his ASD and overcome some of the things associated with it.

“Aiden has been assisted by the local organisation Mind Mosaic and he decided himself to do a sponsored haircut, with the proceeds going to the charity.

“I used to take him for a haircut kicking and screaming and he would get upset because he would feel like he had wasted everyone’s time.”

With three haircuts now out the way, a brave Aiden says he no longer 'dreads going for a haircut'.

He said: “I have been going every Friday to see Elaine, she took time to get to know me and show me around.

“I didn’t like sharp objects and wouldn’t go into the shop before but now I feel good.

“My hair feels lighter.”

His sister Freya, nine, said: “I have been telling my friends at Newark Primary about Aiden’s fundraising and they all think its great.

“They know how stressful it was for him and how long his hair was before.

“I like it and I am so proud.

"His confidence is growing and his hair is shorter.”

Gill added: “Aiden always likes to please and doing it for charity to help other children like him is keeping him motivated, he doesn’t want to let them down.”

Aiden’s efforts have raised around £550 for the charity so far.

He said: “I wanted to say thank you to Mind Mosaic because they have helped me a lot.

“Mum updates me on the fundraising and I’m really happy we have so much.”

Gill says hairdresser Elaine has been 'fantastic'.

She said: “We couldn’t have done it without her.

“She has been so patient and has taken the time to get to know Aiden and talk him through it.

Elaine said: “I couldn’t be more proud.

"The fact he is doing this to raise money for the organisation who have helped him.

“He is a lovely, funny, kind young man and it has been a pleasure to help him.”