A HARD-WORKING girl has completed 20 secondary-style qualifications before finishing primary school.

Tia McGhee of King’s Oak has become the first pupil in Inverclyde to complete the full set of SQA personal achievement units.

Primary seven pupils at the school were given the opportunity to achieve some of the certificates before starting at high school.

They were given 20 different units to choose from and told that there would be a bronze award for completing one unit from each theme, silver for finishing four or gold for doing six.

However, Tia decided to tackle them all and gave up some of her lunchtimes to get the job done.

The 12-year-old says she wanted to reduce the time she spent on her phone and playing on the Xbox.

Tia said: “It has taken me about six months to complete them all and I have really enjoyed it.

“My favourite one was to travel somewhere new - I got to visit Campbeltown and it was great.

“I have become more confident because before I wasn’t really out in town myself.

"My family and the staff are really proud of me.

“It is great to have them done but now it’s quiet and I will need to find something else to keep me busy!”

Senior family learning worker Caroline McCahill and outreach worker Jackie Thomson are delighted for Tia.

Jackie said: “She has done so well to complete all 20. She worked so hard and we are all proud of her.

“It’s great to be able to introduce them to the SQA before they go to secondary school and we are delighted so many pupils took part.

“We are hoping now Tia has some free time that she will be able to help some of the other pupils still to complete their units.”