A HEROIN pusher has been spared prison despite pleading guilty to her third drug-dealing offence.

Kay Logan was given a chance to get clean by a sheriff who heard how she turned to selling it to pay off debts to bigger suppliers.

Lawman Andrew McIntyre has placed the 46-year-old on a strict drug treatment and testing order (DTTO) but warned her she faces years in jail if she fails to comply.

Logan admitted to being concerned in the supply of heroin from a flat on Greenock's West Blackhall Street.

Police caught her dividing the drug into small deal-sized wraps and found scales and cellophane bags when they raided the property last August.

Logan was jailed last year for selling the drug from a flat on South Street and she was convicted of an identical offence in July 2017.

Her lawyer Aidan Gallagher previously told the town's sheriff court: "Her stance is now one of moving forward and not having anything to do with drugs."

Sheriff McIntyre chose to follow a social work report recommendation and imposed an 18-month DTTO.

The sheriff said: "I have given this case considerable consideration and thought, not least because of your record for similar offences.

"Having endured a prison sentence for your last offence, I am assured that the public good is best served at this point by a drug treatment and testing order.

"This is instead of a prison sentence at this stage and it will be kept under close review.

"If you do not comply, a prison sentence, which will be a significant one in terms of years rather than months, will be imposed."

Logan is due back in court for a review hearing on April 17.