A TRIO of teenagers were arrested after police officers were attacked while dealing with a mass gathering of youngsters in Greenock.

Police will order parents of children involved in anti-social behaviour to 'come and collect them' after the incident involving 200 youngsters.

A mass gathering on Tuesday night on the east end cycle path near to Knocknairshill Cemetery has prompted a fresh crackdown after a number of officers sent to incident were set upon.

The open air party sparked calls to police with officers deployed at the cycle path entrance beside Bridgend Road, pictured, and four vehicles sent to the cemetery around 9pm.

A number of young people had to be taken home for their own safety by police officers due to their level of intoxication.

A 14-year-old girl was also charged over an alleged assault and disorder offence.

Two boys, aged 14 and 16, were meanwhile arrested for public order offences, with the older boy held in custody to appear at Greenock Sheriff Court.

Chief Inspector Debbie Reilly said: "Most teenagers involved were well behaved but a few assaulted police officers and were arrested. Many of these children were intoxicated, which puts them at risk of harm. My message to parents would be make sure you know where your child is."

Inspector Julie MacDonald said: “For some time, young people in Inverclyde have been gathering, often in very large numbers, at local ‘hot spots.' predominantly during school holidays.

“The police and council receive numerous complaints about drink, drugs, vandalism, fighting, urinating and other public disorder not to mention the broken glass and mess left behind.

“The majority of young people who are gathering are out socialising with friends and simply enjoying the school holidays.

"However a minority are intent on causing disorder and anti-social behaviour which will not be tolerated.

"Police Scotland are not wishing to criminalise young people however when offences are committed, robust action will be taken.”

Officers and community wardens are now stepping up their responses at a number of locations throughout the area.

A joint initiative has been arranged identify young people considered to be a danger to themselves or who otherwise appear to be unsafe, perhaps due to the condition they are found in.

Inspector MacDonald said: “Safeguarding of young people in Inverclyde is an absolute priority and we appeal to parents to ensure that you know where your children are during school holidays and of the possible dangers they could be putting themselves in.

“Parents will be notified and required to collect their child, at which point there will be an opportunity for the authorities to demonstrate the dangers to young people who are not in a condition to be mindful of their own wellbeing.

“Parents will be expected to take ownership of their child’s behaviour and safety by being aware of who their child is with and where they are going at night.”

Police are also urging the public to report anti-social behaviour associated with large group gatherings.

Information can be passed on by calling 101 or phoning the community warden service on 0800 0131 701.