A PORT gran says she fears for the safety of her family as roughcast is falling from her home.

Catherine Mitchell, who rents a flat in Castlehill Avenue, says lumps of render are falling from the walls outside the property.

The 56-year-old told the Tele there has already been one near miss and she believes it is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured unless something is done.

She said: "Big lumps of roughcast are falling off the walls.

"It's dangerous.

"I have young grandchildren and I'm worried it could fall on top of them.

"One of my son's pals was standing at the front door when a lump just missed him.

"I want it fixed."

The Tele took Catherine's concerns to River Clyde Homes, her social housing landlord.

A spokeswoman said: “River Clyde Homes has received no recent notification of a problem with the render at the property located at 34 Castlehill Avenue, Port Glasgow.

"The last known repair relating to the render on the gable wall of the property was reported on 11th May 2017 following an inspection of the property by one of our technical officers and all necessary repair works were completed on 8th June 2017."

Bosses say they will now look into the matter and liaise with the joint owner of the building, as it is not solely the property of the association.

The spokeswoman said: "Should there be any need for an emergency repair this will be instructed immediately.”