A GOUROCK mum has told how she 'feared the worst' when her 14-year-old son was suddenly struck down with a chronic disease of the liver.

Mary Chisholm rushed jaundiced son Kyle to A&E and remained with him throughout a four-week hospital stay which involved emergency measures to stabilise the youngster.

But despite being left with a lifelong medical condition, Kyle has turned a negative into a positive by raising hundreds of pounds for charity — with a little help from his friends.

The Clydeview Academy pupil and his pals all got their hair dyed to support the Glasgow Children's Hospital where he was treated.

He had to endure seemingly endless worry as he suddenly went from being a healthy teenager to seriously ill for no apparent reason.

Mum Mary, 52, said: "He just started projectile vomiting shortly before Christmas.

"The doctor said that it was acid reflux in his stomach and prescribed him Peptac.

"But then I noticed a yellow tinge to his eyes.

"It was very slight, but noticeable.

"Kyle was being continually sick every day and he was complaining of feeling really tired.

"I didn't have a clue what was wrong with him but I was so worried.

"I took him to A&E and then he was transferred to the children's hospital."

Medics diagnosed a condition known as autoimmune hepatitis which causes the body's immune system to attack the liver.

Experts aren't sure what causes the disease.

Without treatment it can get worse and lead to complications, such as cirrhosis.

Mary said: "His body just started rejecting his liver.

"The minute you're told that it's liver disease you do think the worst — it's your child.

"I was worried sick and stayed with him every day for the four weeks he was in hospital.

"Kyle is my only child and thankfully he has come through this.

"I'm so proud of him in making something good come out of what he had to go through."

Claire Bryceland, who runs the Crown Jewels salon on Greenock's Dempster Street, and her staff gave up their Sunday for free to dye Kyle and his pals' hair.

Friends Faith Goldie, Blair Myatt, Martin Wade and Kyle McCleary decided to support him and give their hair some 'rainbow' treatment.

The youngsters set a target of £200 but have reached £800 and counting, as Claire has kept a collection tin in the salon.

Mary said: "Kyle wanted to dye his hair red, to represent the colour of liver, and blue for Scotland.

"His friends wanted to support him to, so they all did it, and we ended up with all the colours of the rainbow!"

Kyle was finally discharged from hospital just a few days before his 15th birthday in January.

His mum said: "You can imagine it was the happiest birthday ever to have him home and recovered.

"Kyle has a lifelong condition now.

"He can't do contact sports because he must protect his liver and his spleen at all times.

"He's also been warned against drinking alcohol and that his liver won't cope with it.

"But he's sensible and won't succumb to any peer pressure.

"It's quite a rare condition he's got.

"But the treatment he got was brilliant and my boss and work have been brilliant in letting me stay with Kyle.

"It's a life-changing condition and he's been put on steroids.

"His bloods are better today and he's improving all the time.

"The worst case scenario is that he would need a liver transplant but hopefully that won't be necessary now."

Salon boss Claire said: "I was so happy to help Mary and Kyle when they came to us.

"He has a lovely bunch of pals and what they have done for charity has blown me away."