A WOMAN who attacked a nurse and hurled homophobic abuse at police sobbed uncontrollably in court as she pleaded guilty to the offences.

Shannon Carter was found lying unconscious through drink on Greenock's West Blackhall Street at tea-time and lashed out at officers who went to her aid.

Carter, 25, kicked one PC on the leg as he held her to prevent her from falling over and told his colleague that he 'looked gay'.

She then added: "I hate gay people."

Carter later booted a female nurse on the arm at Inverclyde Royal Hospital as she was helping her from an ambulance trolley into a bed.

Prosecutor Pamela Brady told the sheriff court: "Officers on foot patrol found the accused smelling strongly of alcohol and she was apparently asleep.

"They struggled to wake her up and requested the attendance of paramedics.

"The accused came round and she tried to stand up but was having some difficulty.

"Police and a member of the public tried to assist, however the accused became aggressive towards the police and swore at them.

"An officer explained that if he let go of her she would fall.

"The accused kicked the officer to his left leg."

Carter was found in the street at 6.20pm on April 5, assaulted the nurse at 8.20pm and was finally discharged from hospital into police custody at 10.20pm.

She was on an undertaking to appear in court after an earlier verbal homophobic assault on police at Inverclyde Royal on March 23.

Carter told officers: "Go home to your gay wife and gay husband — you're going to die in hell."

She wept throughout her custody hearing in court.

Her lawyer, Ellen Macdonald, told how Carter, of Finnart Street, started to drink heavily after falling victim to a serious crime and her life had since become 'a shambles'.

Ms Macdonald said: "She has a placement at a rehabilitation centre in Aberdeen which helps victims.

"It is fair to say that she has no recollection of events."

Sheriff Derek Hamilton placed Carter on a night-time bail curfew allowed her to attend the centre.

Ms Macdonald said: "It may be her saving grace because she is going down a particularly nasty path."

Sentence has been deferred until May 8.