A MAN who sparked a high-speed police pursuit after assaulting his former partner and her two sisters has been electronically tagged, fined and banned from the road.

Jack Trainner, 21, punched all three women during a prolonged lunch-time incident, threw one of them over a fence and vandalised a car.

Trainner took a bag of personal belongings into the dock of Greenock Sheriff Court in anticipation of being jailed.

However, Sheriff Derek Hamilton chose not to lock him up 'at this stage', noting that his criminal record is minimal.

Defence lawyer Gary Miller said: "Mr Trainner has one previous conviction for a non-analogous matter.

"As for the offence itself, Mr Trainner takes full responsibility for his behaviour.

"He appeared genuinely contrite to the author of the background report.

"These offences are entirely out of character for this young man."

Trainner, a dad-of-one, committed the offences after storming out of his ex's home amid an argument.

He initially hurled a wheelie bin at one of the women's cars, smashing a wing mirror and causing £150 worth of damage.

When one tried to reason with him, he grabbed her face, punched her on the head and threw her over a fence.

He punched another on the face to injury before grabbing his ex by the hair and punching her to injury as well.

Trainner fled from police who pursued him at speeds of up to 50mph in a built-up area before pulling back for safety reasons.

He told officers: "It was self defence — the three of them attacked me."

Lawyer Mr Miller added: "The relationship is over.

"Notwithstanding the seriousness of the offences, I would hope to persuade the court that there may be merit in a non-custodial sentence as a direct alternative to custody."

Sheriff Hamilton told Trainner: "Although you have little record, these are serious offences.

"However, I will deal with this in a non-custodial way at this stage, but I will restrict your liberty."

Trainner, of North Road, has been placed on an electronic tag to remain within his home between 7pm and 7am each day for five months.

In addition, he has been fined a total of £630 and banned from driving for five months.

He must pay the fines at a rate of £50 per fortnight and will go to prison for 28 days if he misses a single instalment.