THIS is the dramatic moment police swooped on a suspected drugs supply ring in Port Glasgow.

The Tele joined officers from the Alcohol and Violence Reduction Unit on an intelligence-led operation as they used warrants to raid a home and two vehicles in Mallaig Road just after 12.30pm yesterday.

Cash was seized and a man was taken away for questioning.

A second property in Port Glasgow, which can't be revealed for operational reasons, was also raided at the same time.

Following a private briefing at Greenock Police Station, a convoy of four vehicles with 13 plain clothed and uniformed officers made their way to the two addresses.

The Tele joined the team who were headed to Mallaig Road.

In the van en-route to the raid, the officers - armed with 16-kilogram battering ram and riot shields - spoke about the importance of these intelligence-led raids.

One of the officers, who can't be named, said: "Inverclyde is a high priority for us in tackling drug crime.

"Being able to execute these warrants shows that we are listening to what people in the community are saying - they are our eyes and ears.

"This is a good way of showing we are doing something about it."

A 30 second warning was given as the officers approached Mallaig Road.

The van door then flew open and the officers leapt out as they spotted a suspect.

Over the next few hours, the officers meticulously search the home as well as a car and a van.

Throughout the search, bundles of cash were seized and put into plastic evidence bags.

Police enquiries are ongoing in the wake of the raid.