AN eight-year-old schoolgirl is 'taking the lead' on tackling dog dirt in her community.

Millie Robertson from Wemyss Bay says it makes her sad that people do not pick up after their pooches.

The youngster decided to take action by making dog poo bag dispensers out of recycled plastic bottles.

She has tied them to trees to encourage people to clean up after their dogs.

Millie then asked her mum Sharon to contact the Tele to highlight her campaign.

The Wemyss Bay Primary pupil said: "I have been working on recycling in class and trying to keep our planet tidy.

"I thought I would re-use the bottles and make them into dog poo dispensers.

"I'm fed up going to school and coming back and stepping on dog poo that some lazy dog owners have not picked up.

"I was at the park with my sister and my dad and there was lots of it on the grass and pavements."

Millie has also made a rhyme which she has attached to the bottles which reads 'Need a bag, take one, have a bag, leave one, leaving poop on the ground means leaving germs around, germs that make dogs, humans and the earth sick, Millie Robertson aged eight'.

Millie, who is in P4, also organised a litter pick in the community which took place on Friday.

A total of 22 kids and 10 adult filled six black bins full of rubbish and distributed nine dog dirt bag dispensers around the village..

The families involved gathered at the community centre afterwards for hot dogs and drinks.

Millie said: "Me and my friends and other people from Wemyss Bay went on a litter pick in the woods because when I was up there with my dog I noticed lots of rubbish that people are dumping.

"It's not fair that they are making this mess."

Millie's mum Sharon said she is very proud of her community-spirited daughter.

She said: "Millie is very passionate.

"I'm so proud of her, she's a gem."