A DEAF dog cruelly abandoned outside a local vets has been rescued - but now faces another fight for life after being diagnosed with cancer.

Shirley Findlay, 33, and her partner Jonathan Hyslop rescued Lita, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, after she was found dumped outside Abbey Vets in Murdieston Street.

Shirley and Jonathan came to her rescue and are now on a mission to save the friendly dog, which is known to them, after she was diagnosed with a form of breast cancer.

They have launched an online fundraising page to pay for her treatment.

Jonathan said: "She is 15-years-old and we were devastated that she had been abandoned.

"We contacted the police, who had the dog in their kennel and we went to retrieve her.

"Upon arrival the dog was extremely excited to see us.

"The police, after some proof was provided of our knowledge of the dog, placed her in our care.

"Since then we have had her each day with her tail waggling away.

"She is clearly a happy dog in a loving and caring home."

Shirley, who lives in Grampian Road, said it was very upsetting to discover Lita had been dumped.

She said: "It was heartbreaking to find out that she had been abandoned.

"She is a great-natured dog.

"We were told that she was found outside the vets with a rope tied round her neck.

"When we took her to the vets they said she has a form of breast cancer for dogs.

"She's not sore but we've been advised that she should get a blood test and a lung X-ray.

"After that Lita may get an operation but it all depends on whether the cancer has spread to her lungs.

"They can't operate if it has, so we'll find out after these tests."

Jonathan said Lita is enjoying life in the new home she shares with Barney, Shirley's other pet dog, and Bubba the tortoise.

He said: "We are looking for donations to help us pay towards the upcoming treatments and operations as this beautiful old dog deserves to maintain the rest of her days in happiness and content.

"Even though she is deaf she understands hand gestures and facial expressions very well and is a very outgoing loving dog.

"We just want to make the rest of this dog's life happy and pain-free, so any help is greatly appreciated."

The couple say they are so grateful to everyone who has donated money to help Lita, with around £300 raised so far.

Shirley said: "A woman messaged me to say she had left £50 at Abbey Vets for Lita's first vet appointment, which was amazing.

"I sent her a copy of the receipt and thanked her."

Anyone who would like to help Lita can go to the online fundraising page at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/lita-the-loving-dog