A HOOP-LESS shoplifter who swiped three Celtic tops whilst drunk and then dropped them as he fled has been jailed.

Patrick Duffy woke up from a drinking session and downed more booze before wandering into JD Sports in the Oak Mall and helping himself.

The 41-year-old — who was recently given a nine-month sentence for a subsequent blade offence — has been given a further two months jail time for the theft.

Prosecutor Lindy Scaife told a previous calling of the case: "He was chased by store staff and dropped the tops and they were all recovered.

"On being cautioned and charged he said, 'Guilty, I shouldn't have done it'."

Defence lawyer Aidan Gallagher said: "He had been drinking the previous night, got up and had more drink and found himself in the town centre."

Duffy, of Cumberland Road in Larkfield, committed the theft last summer.

Mr Gallagher told a sentencing hearing: He is realistic about the options before the court.

"He is now drug free and has been using the gym every day.

"He now has clarity of thought."

The Telegraph told earlier this month how Duffy, who has multiple convictions for carrying knives, was caught with a Stanley blade in his pocket on Cumberland Road in January.

He said to police at the time: "Sorry boss, I forgot I had that."

Sheriff Derek Hamilton told Duffy: "There are various things I can do but I will simply add a short period onto your sentence and then you will come out with a clean slate, and it's up to you how you proceed after that."