A RETIRED teacher hopes her new book will prove to be poetry in motion.

Margaret Brennan has self published 'Inverclyde's Favourite Poems' - a captivating collection of verse specially selected by her friends throughout the community.

The 74-year-old from Union Street in Greenock hopes the book will dispel the myth that poetry is 'highbrow'.

Margaret said: "Poetry is not highbrow - it's not just for highly educated people.

"There are poems for everyone out there and anyone can have an attempt at poetry.

"I would love to see people become more interested in it."

For the book, Margaret asked her friends to pick their favourite poems before interviewing them to find out their interpretation of the words and what had inspired them.

She added: "It's not a poetry book - it's about the people in it and about why they like a particular poem."

Many well known local people feature in the book talking about their favourites, including Provost Martin Brennan, former head teacher and president of Inverclyde Music Festival Isabel Lind.

It also features one of the area's oldest residents, Greta McGowan, who is 102 years old, and former head teacher Betty Glancy.

This is not Margaret's first foray into the publishing world.

She released a book last year about St Mungo's, where she was both a pupil and teacher.

Her latest title was launched at Central Library.

It costs £10 and is available by emailing theweewumman@yahoo.co.uk