A CONSERVATION group is facing the biggest fight in its 50-year history - saving Kilmacolm's countryside.

The local civic trust aims to mark its golden jubilee by fending off developers who are looking to build on the greenbelt.

It was set up to preserve and protect the character of the village, recently named as one of the best places to live in the UK.

But Kilmacolm is under siege from private housing firms who have submitted a series of bids to build on greenbelt.

The Tele revealed last week how one of the previously-defeated companies, Gladman, are back with another bid to build houses - which has sparked uproar.

They want to build 88 homes on the North Denniston beauty spot.

A public meeting arranged by the civic trust last week to discuss the proposal was attended by around 200 people.

Chairman Nicol Cameron said: "We really thought we had won and then they come back again.

"It does make you very angry.

"When you look at the site they want to build on, it is so tight.

"They will be packing houses in.

"It is such a beautiful spot and we have wild geese who land there.

"That is so important to people.

"This goes against the local development plan."

The group has a 300-strong membership including committed committee members like Louise Eadie, who has lived in the village for 40 years.

She said: "I love the village and I feel strongly about being part of the civic trust.

"We have to protect our greenbelt."

The latest Gladman bid follows rejection of an application to build 100 homes in North Denniston and The Knapps by both the council and a government-appointed Reporter.

The civic trust is one of the leading voices in the battle to protect the greenbelt, along with the community council.

Secretary John Cooper said: "This is not about 'not in our backyard'.

"We have supported housebuilding in Kilmacolm.

"It is about keeping to what it says in the local development plan.

"There is no requirement to build houses on greenbelt in Kilmacolm."