A PORT man breached a court order barring him from going near his partner and turned up at her home drunk and swearing — then told police: "God bless Bobby Sands."

Kevin McIver was seen kicking the woman's front door and demanding entry to her house in an incident which sparked a call from her daughter for officers to attend.

The woman was so concerned for her mother that she told her to make sure her doors were locked as 50-year-old McIver repeatedly shouted and swore, Greenock Sheriff Court heard.

Prosecutor Amy Spencer said: "The witness was at home and she started to hear shouting and swearing outside her front door.

"She recognised the voice as being that of the accused and he appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.

"The witness remained in her bedroom as she did not wish to speak to the accused.

"He kicked at the front door and continued to shout, whilst swearing, 'Let me in'.

"The complainer's daughter heard shouting from the street and she saw the accused.

"She told her mother to stay inside and make sure the doors were locked, and then called the police."

McIver, of the Port's Dougliehill Place committed the offence at around 3.30pm on April 6.

The court heard that a domestic abuse allegation for which he was on bail resulted in his plea of not guilty being accepted.

Prosecutor Amy Spencer said of the bail breach: "On being cautioned and charged the accused replied, 'It's a set-up' and also stated, 'God bless Bobby Sands'."

Defence lawyer Gerry Keenan said: "The complainer was trying to contact Mr McIver, and she is in court today of her own volition as no matter what happens here she wants the relationship to continue.

"He stupidly agreed to go to her address because she wanted him to do that.

"Unfortunately he had been drinking.

"He has been remanded in custody which is something neither he or his partner wanted."

The court heard previously that McIver has eight assault convictions and 12 offences involving a domestic element.

Sheriff Daniel Kelly told McIver: "I light of your record, custody is the only appropriate option."

The sheriff sentenced him to six months, backdated to when he was first remanded on April 8.