AN ever-present Port Glasgow High pupil has bowed out of secondary school with a flawless attendance record.

Head girl Claire Steele signed off in style having never missed a day of class.

Even illness could not stop the determined 18-year-old from always making it into school from first through to sixth year.

Claire, who lives in the Port, was presented with a 100 per cent attendance award at the recent leavers' ceremony from head teacher Stuart Clark to mark her incredible achievement.

She said: "I wasn't expecting it, it was a nice surprise.

"I've always enjoyed school."

Claire's perfect attendance started off thanks to her parents but she quickly took it upon herself to maintain her unblemished record - even when she was under the weather.

She said: "I came in every single day because my mum and dad told me to. "Then in fourth year when exams started, I was paranoid about missing anything because I was determined to pass my exams.

"There was one time - I remember being in Mr Robb's English class in fourth year - when I felt really unwell and I'd been up the whole night.

"My mum and dad told me I couldn't go to school but I said 'I need to'.

"I was really unwell, I was probably a health and safety risk!"

Claire's sparkling record will now stand her in good stead for a career in law, with the bright student mulling over offers from three universities to continue her studies once her final exams are over.

The former Newark pupil cannot recall a day off in primary school either but her perfect attendance at Port High is in no doubt.

Head teacher Mr Clark said: "We checked and verified it to make sure and she's not missed a day.

"We're really proud of Claire and of how hard she's worked. "It's great that she's been so committed and helped the school so much, even on days when she's not been 100 per cent.

"I'm certain this will stand her in good stead going to university and the hard work required there with her future studies in law.

"We were also delighted with the way she spoke at the leavers' day and the contributions made at that, along with the rest of S6. "It's nice that we were able to recognise Claire's achievement and she has our very best wishes for the future."