TWO cold-blooded thugs killed a vulnerable mum in a Port Glasgow flat - before one used her bank card to try to buy a takeaway meal.

Allan Docherty, 34, and Weir McKay, 44, were yesterday convicted at the High Court in Glasgow of carrying out a fatal attack on vulnerable Karen Young.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that Karen was strangled and also hit on the head with a metal pole and hammer by Docherty, who was convicted of murdering her.

His co-accused McKay was found guilty of the lesser charge of culpable homicide by inflicting blunt force injuries on her.

Callous McKay was branded 'utterly indifferent' towards Karen as jurors heard he stole her bank card and tried to get dinner at a local Chinese restaurant after the killing.

The attack occurred on June 9 in 2017 at Docherty's flat in Kelburn Terrace.

Karen, who was described as having a number of personal issues, had been accused of stealing an item from the flat.

Police turned up at the flat after a 999 call was made and officers found her lying on the floor.

Docherty was said to have shown 'sham concerns' towards the mum.

During the telephone call, he was heard stating: "Wake up, honey. There is an ambulance coming."

Docherty told police he had only recently met Karen and could not explain why she was there.

After being told she was dead, he held his head in his hands and shouted: "Oh no!”

The court heard that the main cause of Ms Young's death was neck injuries and her larynx was fractured.

Jurors heard there had been a delay in dialling 999.

Prosecutor Lisa Gillespie told the trial: "That was the actions of a man with something to hide."

The advocate depute added that McKay had been 'acting in concert' with Docherty and the court heard he had steered a housing officer away from the flat as Karen lay there dying.

Ms Gillespie: "He was trying to conceal what was happening to Karen Young.

"He said his explanation for sending the housing officer away was panic."

It was claimed McKay went on to rummage through and steal Karen's bag.

He was then said to have tried to use her bank card at local shops.

Ms Gillespie: "So panicked was he that he thought he had better cheer himself up with a Chinese takeaway.

"These were actions of someone who could not care about Karen Young.

"He was utterly indifferent to the woman."

Docherty, of Kelburn Terrace, and McKay, of Marloch Avenue, will be sentenced later this month.

Docherty is facing a life sentence.

Judge Lady Stacey will determine how many years he will spend in jail before being eligible for parole.