A MAN armed with a large garden fork forced a stand-off with police after threatening to 'put it through' officers.

Michael McCairn sparked a 999 call-out by earlier causing a disturbance which caused people to flee from his house.

The 58-year-old was so intoxicated that he didn't recognise the police.

Instead he thought they were other people intent on harming him.

Prosecutor David Glancy told Greenock Sheriff Court: "He opened the door and was holding a large garden fork.

"He threatened to 'put it through' the officers and a call had to be made for assistance.

"The accused closed the door and locked it and there was a bit of a stand-off.

"Entry was forced and he was quite quickly taken under control.

"He was kept under constant supervision due to his level of intoxication and was not cautioned and charged."

McCairn brandished the garden tool at police after earlier placing his partner and the 14-year-old in states of fear and alarm on January 28.

He shouted, swore and acted aggressively towards them when they wanted to leave to go to their own home.

Defence lawyer Gerry Keenan said: "He appears to be dealing with his alcohol problem and has gone to counsellors on a voluntary basis and appears to be doing well.

"To avoid a recurrence his drinking has to be controlled.

"It has been 19 years since he was involved in any sort of bother at all."

Mr Keenan added: "His perception was that the people who were at his door were those who would do him harm, rather than the police."

Sheriff Thomas Ward placed McCairn, of Lansbury Street in Greenock, on an electronic tag to remain within his home between 7pm and 7am each day for four months.