ALL school pitches in Inverclyde are set to be opened up to the public out of hours following a successful campaign in Larkfield.

Education chiefs had agreed to a pilot project to open up Inverclyde Academy's 3G pitches after local people signed a 600-strong petition demanding access.

Now they have announced plans to put a 'hole in the fence' in every primary and secondary school in the district.

Larkfield dad John Houston, who led the campaign, told the Tele that it was only fair that communities had access to their own facilities.

The community activist said: "Larkfield lost out when Inverclyde Academy was built because they took away pitches to build the school.

"So it is only fair that they give the community access.

"There is a real lack of open space and facilities.

"It has been a great success and I go all the time with my son.

"I am delighted the pilot project was a success and other schools will now benefit."

The plans to create a crawl spaces and give the public access to the school faced opposition.

At the end of a year-long pilot it was reported to councillors that there had been vandalism and school staff were left to clean up litter.

Councillor David Wilson had called at a committee meeting for the crawl space to be removed but he was outvoted as fellow elected members decided to persevere.

An additional six month extension was put in place and now council officials want to roll it out.

A report to the upcoming education and communities committee says there are still issues to be considered, including provision of new crawl holes.

Council officers admit there is likely to be increased demands on janitorial staff in litter picking and ensuring that the pitches are clear, safe and suitable for school use.