A 'HEARTLESS' care firm have pulled he plug on caring for a terminally ill woman after her husband complained about its service

Allied Healthcare has told Alan Lungley that he will have to find another care provider to look after his wife Phyllis, who has breast cancer and a string of other serious health complaints.

Alan, 84, of Shankland Road in Greenock, was visited by a care boss and a social work representative on Friday to break the news.

He said: "They should hang their heads in shame.

"They are heartless to the core.

"Phyllis has been crying her eyes out."

Phyllis, 80, has suffered four strokes, has dementia and is doubly incontinent and receives care four times a day.

Alan had made a complaint about carers arriving late and short-staffed.

On several occasions only one carer turned up when two are required because Phyllis requires to be hoisted.

Alan also said that the continuity of staff his wife needs because of her dementia was sorely lacking.

But at the meeting he was told by Allied Healthcare that they couldn't provide this because of staffing issues.

Alan said: "I told them this must be the same with the rest of Inverclyde and she said it was, so why are they picking on Phyllis?

"It's because I complained to the Telegraph.

"I was warned there would be reprisals.

"You're meant to just put up with the rubbish service, because if you say anything they'll withdraw the service.

"They are quite happy to chuck Phyllis on the scrapheap.

"I knew this would happen but I have to speak for all the silent voices in Inverclyde."

The firm had last week told the Telegraph that they were trying to improve their service to the Lungleys.

Alan has also criticised the council's role in his wife's plight.

He said: "The council are giving Allied work, why are they giving them work if they can't provide continuity?

"They can't get the staff because of the way they are being treated.

"They are sending them out schedules at midnight and its zero hour contracts which is morally wrong.

"I am sick to the teeth.

"It needs a light shining on it

"It's disgusting the way they are treating people."

A spokesperson for Allied Healthcare Greenock said: “After consultation with Mrs Lungley’s social worker and home care manager, we have agreed it would be best for Mr and Mrs Lungley to find an alternative local provider within the Port Glasgow area. We have met with Mr and Mrs Lungley to discuss this in person, and will continue to support Mrs Lungley until another provider can be sourced.”

A spokesman for the Inverclyde Health & Social Care Partnership said: “Our goal is always to provide the help and support that people need to live safely and independently in their own home for as long as possible.

"Where there are issues between individuals and their care providers we work hard to try and resolve them to ensure that the appropriate support is in place.

"Our primary concern is always to look after the welfare of our clients.

“We also recognise how important it is to make sure that care workers receive a fair wage.

"The way we set up contracts with care companies is designed so that they receive enough to pay their staff the Scottish Living Wage and meet the obligations of the Ethical Care Charter.

“We closely monitor every aspect of the contractual commitments made by our partner providers and we take action if they do not comply with the conditions laid down for their staff.”