A DRUNK man who was turned away from a Greenock pub returned just minutes later with a knife after angrily issuing threats of violence.

Thomas McFadyen is today beginning a prison sentence after storming off home from the Thistle Bar on Lynedoch Street and arming himself with the blade.

Sheriff Thomas Ward told him: "It has been made clear that people who carry knives can expect to go to jail.

"Knives are a blight on this town."

McFadyen, 47, became enraged on being refused drink because he'd entered the pub in an already heavily intoxicated state.

Prosecutor David Glancy told Greenock Sheriff Court: "The accused began to shout and swear and said to customers, 'I'll take the lot of you outside'.

"He left and ten minutes later and came back in with a knife.

"He'd got to the door of the pub and was seen with the knife and police were contacted.

"He was in the process of walking away when the police arrived.

"He was not cautioned and charged due to his intoxication and aggressive demeanour."

McFadyen, of Lyle Street, committed the offences last August.

He pleaded guilty unlawful possession of a knife and behaving in a threatening manner.

His lawyer, Gerry Keenan, acknowledged: "The court may take the view being drunk in possession of a knife could be an aggravating factor."

Mr Keenan added: "Mr McFadyen had no intention of using it.

"He has learned his lesson and if he walks out of the front door of the court he will know that he will have been extremely fortunate.

"His record doesn't seem to have any conviction where violence can be inferred."

Sheriff Thomas Ward told McFadyen sentenced McFadyen to 145 days imprisonment.