TEENAGERS say there is a mental health 'crisis' in our schools and that young people need more help.

Pupils at Inverclyde Academy made the call as they launched a 'safe space' in their library to help offer more support.

All year groups will be able to spend time in the High Five Hub during breaks and lunch.

As well as having somewhere to relax, pupils will be able to access resources on stress, anxiety and other issues.

Third year pupil Beth Hume, 14, said: "In Inverclyde there is a mental health crisis with young people.

"The High Five Hub will definitely help with this.

"It is a real step forward.

"There are lots of young people who experience mental health issues but things are starting to improve.

"People are starting to talk about it.

"Our school is doing lots to help and they are listening."

As part of a pupil parliament the young people at Inverclyde Academy have been looking at the cause of stress in schools.

Librarian Susan Morton secured £2,500 from an improvement fund to set up the hub.

It is kitted out with comfy sofas and bookshelves full of information.

Beth makes use of the library, along with fellow third year Joseph Milloy.

Joseph said: "We have been working hard to raise awareness of mental health.

"This is a good start but more needs to be done

"It is a good place for new first years to come as they start to deal with stuff.

"Pupils having a bad day can come to the hub, or if they are stressed about exams.

"We want to make a positive change for pupils in the future."

They hope the hub will benefit first years like Hayley Anderson, Aimee Louise, Grace Tedeschi and Carly Wilson.

They volunteer in the library and believe it is the ideal safe place.

Hayley added: "I think the hub is a good place for people who are feeling anxious, maybe about exams."

School librarian Mrs Morton organised a launch of the High Five Hub with Brian Costello, founder of the Headstrong charity, attending.

She added: "Mental health is a big priority for pupils and I managed to secure funding for a hub.

"It is something our young people needed and wanted.

"It is a relaxing space for them to go."