A YOUNG boy with Asperger's syndrome is speaking out about his condition to help educate others.

Ten-year-old Dean Morrison was one of a number of youngsters who took part in an Autism Awareness assembly at his school, Aileymill Primary.

He wants to help his classmates understand what it means to be on the spectrum.

Dean was joined by local mum Laura Graham, whose son Kerr has autism.

She has started a new charity to support families and create a more autism-friendly community.

The primary six pupil said: "I want to help children in the future.

"I told them what it was like to have Asperger's.

"I have sensory issues and I told them what it feels like.

"I tried to tell people that some things for me feel different.

"It was good to explain to friends in my class.

"It helps if they understand."

Aileymill organised a number of activities and events as part of an Autism Awareness month.

The school worked with Kerr's Journey founder Laura on a project to help design a mascot for her charity.

Winner Skye McLellan said: "One of the boys in my class with autism and he told me he likes the colours blue and green, so I used them to create a mascot."

School nurture teacher Louise Quigley, who set up the awareness month and led the assembly, said: "It has been a wonderful experience and all the pupils were fantastic."

Aileymill Primary offers a range of services for families affected with additional support needs, including a support group.