A YOUNG budding business entrepreneur from Greenock has launched his own record label and is set release its first EP.

Jack Denny, 16, launched Anaglyph Records last year and has seen it grow since taking part in a scheme called the Orbit Programme.

A teacher at Jack’s school, Inverclyde Academy suggested he participate in the programme, which trains 16-19 year-olds to launch businesses and secure jobs.

Jack is going through 12 months of mentoring, workshops, online courses and has access to some of the UK's best-known entrepreneurs.

He said: “I have already learned so much.

"One of my role models is local promoter Andrew McDermid, who I have worked with at the college.

“I have also had the chance to hear from various people about how they got started in their chosen field and how hard work and determination is key.

"I met the boxer Charlie Flynn too, that was exciting.”

With the skills picked up from the programme Jack has made the first signing for his label, friend and musician Ross McClure, and is now looking forward to their forthcoming release.

Ross said: “Music was always just a hobby for me, something I did in my spare time.

"I’d never thought about taking it any further.

“With Jack’s help and support I have pushed myself and now my music is set to be released to everyone.

“Being with the label has given me a lot more confidence.

"Without the label I wouldn’t have released any music."

Both boys have aspirations to go on to study at university but say if EP goes well Ross would like to continue with music and Jack plans to keep his business going.

Jack said: "I have had to learn to solve my own problems and make sure deadlines were met.

"Ross has been great and has given me the chance to help promote his stuff.

"This release is our biggest achievement to date.”