A KIND seven-year-old girl from Port Glasgow has chopped and donated her hair for a second time in a bid to help sick children.

Sophie Smith, who attends St John’s Primary, gave away eight and a half inches of her locks to the Little Princess Trust to be made into real hair wigs for children and young people fighting cancer.

This isn’t the first time the primary two pupil has donated her hair.

Back in 2017, she donated 10 inches of her hair just after starting school.

Her mum Gail said: “Sophie was only six when she decided to cut her hair for the first time.

"When I asked why she told me that she knew there were sick children and this was the only way she knew how to help.

“As soon as her hair was cut she was determined to do it again.

"She spent just over a year growing it again before having it cut recently.

“We are all so proud of her.

"She has helped other children and raised awareness because people ask her why she did it.

“Sophie was so determined to help and I don’t doubt she will do it again, she is quite strong minded.

“Everyone loves her hair short and now even her little sister Ava is asking to have her hair cut too.”

Sophie told the Tele: "It makes me happy that I have helped other children.

“I like my hair short, it is easier to dry and everyone else likes it too.

“I would do it again.”

Sophie has been sent a certificate and a letter of thanks from the Little Princess trust.

Her hair will now be sent away and used for a real hair wig for a young person who has lost their own hair through cancer treatment.