A KEEN photographer says that a huge piece of driftwood on the shore at Greenock waterfront is a danger to shipping traffic.

Charlie McCallum is worried about the huge tree trunk visible on the shore just behind the cinema.

He fears it could easily be swept into the Clyde and get caught in a ship's propellers.

The Greenock pensioner, a former councillor, decided to alert the Telegraph to highlight the potential danger.

Mr McCallum said: "It's an accident waiting to happen.

"I've seen it before and it floated onto the shore, so it can float back out.

"It must weigh a tonne, if it floated down towards the container terminal it could get stuck in the propellers of a cruise liner.

"It's big enough to sink a big ship."

The tree stump is currently resting on the shore near to the Waterfront Cinema on Custom House Way.

He said: "We can't afford to have a hazardous object like that on our own waterfront.

"Surely it is Peel Ports' responsibility to keep the estuary clear.

"It's on the waterline."

A spokeswoman for Peel Ports said: "We believe the tree trunk is on land belonging to Scottish Enterprise and that it is lying above the level of mean high water springs."

Scottish Enterprise said: "Scottish Enterprise has some remaining property interests in this area.

"We shall arrange for our managing agent to review if the tree trunk is on our site and if it is we shall arrange for the matter to be resolved."

The Telegraph has also informed the coastguard, who say they will visiting the site.