A PLAN has been drawn up to prevent rubbish pile-ups in Gourock while the town's dump is closed for repairs.

The Kirn Drive depot is shutting down for two months for upgrade work, which is expected to put pressure on recycling points elsewhere.

The unit at Broomberry Drive - which has had well-documented capacity problems - will now be moved from the roadside to the entrance of the old quarry and more bins will be provided.

The area will be manned and there will be CCTV to tackle fly-tipping.

Councillor Ronnie Ahlfeld said: "Kirn Drive recycling depot is closing temporarily for a minimum of eight weeks.

"They are taking out underground tanks and some buildings will be removed to make it more accessible."

Cllr Ahlfeld suggested changes at Broomberry as an alternative to Gourock residents having to travel to Pottery Street in Greenock.

He said: "We thought we could utilise the entrance to the quarry, so the bins are not visible from the road.

"It's a pretty good solution on a temporary basis.

But the problem of people fly-tipping at the centres remains an ongoing problem which the council says it is trying to address.

Cllr Lynne Quinn said: "People are dumping non-recyclable items and we have to thank environmental services for keeping on top of the problem here at Broomberry Drive.

"Hopefully the fact that the new site will be manned and have CCTV will cure the fly-tipping."

Councillor Ahlfeld also praised council staff involved in the stop gap measures.

He said: "Our guys have done a good job in re-siting this."

The move is due to take place in around four weeks time.