A DANGER driver nearly mowed down elderly women in Gourock whilst subject to TWO road bans.

Dean Rodger — who was given a five-year disqualification less than two months before the incident — has been told he's verging on becoming a killer.

He had to swerve his blue Volkswagen Golf to avoid hitting two OAPs as they crossed the road at Manor Crescent — then pulled out in front of another vehicle without giving way.

The 24-year-old is today behind bars after being told that he will end up causing a tragedy if he continues to flout court orders which are designed to protect the public from him.

Greenock Sheriff Court heard how Rodger sped away from plain clothes police, who were on patrol with community wardens, after one officer took hold of the driver's door handle of his car.

Prosecutor Emma Jeffrey said: "Both officers shouted, 'police!' and were holding their warrant cards to identify themselves.

"He performed a u-turn across the road and accelerated towards the junction.

"He drove at speed towards where two elderly ladies were crossing the road and he had to take evasive action to avoid colliding with the ladies.

"The accused turned left and pulled out without indicating or giving way, directly in front of a Land Rover which had to immediately brake to avoid colliding with the side of the accused's car."

The court was told how Rodger had been in a queue of traffic on Larkfield Road on January 18 when he suddenly tore along Reservoir Road without indicating.

Police were within a community warden van on anti-disorder duties when they saw him behind the wheel of the Volkswagen.

Rodger pleaded guilty on indictment to driving dangerously and repeatedly at speeds in excess of the speed limit on several normally quiet residential streets.

He eventually abandoned the car on Bayview Road and was seen by a witness there to run away.

The former university computer science student was given a four-year ban in July, 2017 and a further five-year disqualification and ordered to re-sit the driving test late last year.

Sheriff Derek Hamilton remarked: "This is his third dangerous driving offence and his second whilst disqualified, and it occurred less than two months since his last sentence."

Defence lawyer Charles Drummond said: "Whilst it is accepted the police identified themselves and held up their warrant cards, Mr Rodger's position is that he did not hear that and was not aware.

"He says he got a fright and took off in the manner described."

The Telegraph told in 2017 how Rodger forced pedestrians on a Greenock pavement to scatter to avoid being struck after he careered a van onto the footpath during a police chase.

He was in possession of cannabis with intent to supply the drug at the time and carried out a catalogue of reckless manoeuvres on east end streets as he tried to evade capture.

Sheriff Hamilton said of the latest offence: "I note that it was simply good fortune that pedestrians and other drivers were not injured.

"It seems to me that if you continue to drive in this manner someone will be severely injured, or something more tragic will happen."

Rodger — whom the court heard has Asperger's syndrome — was sentenced to 13 months imprisonment, backdated to when he was first remanded in custody on January 21, and banned from the roads for seven years.