SPECIAL links between Inverclyde and Africa will be celebrated at an event in Gourock.

Scottish-African families who have settled in the community are invited to mark Africa Day on Saturday May 25 at Old Gourock and Ashton Church.

The event has been organised by Fransina Guetta, originally from Namibia, along with her husband Jonathan, who was born in France to a Tunisian father and whose mother was from Gourock.

The couple have since settled in Royal Street with their two children Gabriel, five, and Rebecca, six, and hope to bring people together to celebrate their Scottish and African heritage.

Jonathan said: "My wife is from Africa, she grew up there while I was born in France. My dad was from Tunisia and my mum was from Gourock so I would visit here every summer.

"I was living in Namibia and was working for the French Embassy as a translator when I met Fransina.

"When the kids were born we thought about where the best place would be for them to grow up and we decided Scotland.

"So we moved here about five years ago.

"We keep bumping into Scottish-African families, so we came up with this idea to have an informal meet and greet on African Day to bring everyone together."

The couple hope it will be a great chance to people to socialise over some traditional African cuisine.

Jonathan added: "It's about celebrating dual identity.

"The adults can mingle and the kids can meet each other and see that they all share this dual identity - it's important for them to meet people who have this double connection.

"On the day there will be food from Nigeria, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Uganda."

Jonathan was keen to thank the members of Old Gourock and Ashton Church who have been very supportive.

He said: "They have been very nice as they have let us use the hall for free, which is very kind.

"So we'll be encouraging people to make a donation for them."

The event is at 2pm on Saturday May 25.