IT was green for 'grow' at Caddlehill Allotment and Gardens as the community gathered for the annual plant sale.

Fresh fruit and vegetables picked from the allotments, plus lots of beautiful flowers and plants, were snapped up at the popular event on Saturday.

Little ones also displayed their gardening credentials in the scarecrow competition.

Anne McKinney, secretary of Caddlehill Allotment and Gardens, said it was a wonderful day and over 100 people came along.

She said: "It went really well despite the weather, which was a bit iffy.

"Our growers plant from one year to the next to raise money for the allotments.

"We also had a cafe, a raffle and a scarecrow competition."

Anne says the allotment is thriving with 38 current plot holders.

She said: "Caddlehill Allotments has been there since 1884 so we have a long history.

"It's very popular - one of the healthiest hobbies.

"Our plot holders mainly grow vegetables and fruit but 30 per cent of the allotment has to be flowers."

Anne said the plant sale raised money which will be used to support the allotment.

She added: "We are still counting but we have probably raised just over £1,500.

"We made slightly more money than last year.

"This will pay for the maintenance of the allotments, such as the pathways, and also our running costs in terms of utility costs.

"That is why we put in such a big effort."

The next big event at the allotment is their annual show on Saturday August 31.

All are welcome to attend.