CAMPAIGNING childminders are on a mission to put road safety at the heart of their care.

Inverclyde Childminders' Association organised a big community event with mascot Ziggy on the Esplanade.

Around 50 children were happy to show how to look left and right before crossing the road, along with education convenor Councillor Jim Clocherty.

Childminders' association organiser Susannah Knox said: "It was a great event.

"We were delighted Councillor Clocherty was able to come along.

"He couldn't believe how well behaved the children were and how much they enjoyed the event.

"We had 21 childminders and 50 children in attendance.

"This was a great opportunity to help the children understand road safety."

The childminding group organise a number of community events throughout the year, including a free cinema day, and they also support good causes.

They have been working closely with the council to provide early years care as part of the increased childcare hours being introduced next year.

The road safety event was a demonstration of the work they are putting in towards the government's 'curriculum for excellence'.

Susannah added: "This ties in wonderfully."

Registered childminders in Inverclyde will be included as 'partner providers' when childcare hours for three to four year olds are increased next year.

This will give parents the choice of using both nurseries and childminders, without having to choose one exclusively.

Susannah added: "It is a real positive that childminders will be included as partner providers from August 2020, allowing parents access to a blended care approach.

"Children's care and education will be split between a childminder and a nursery, allowing children the best of both worlds."