HOSPICE patients in Greenock are benefitting from a simple idea which is making life a little better.

Amazon has donated eight 'what matters to you' boards to sit behind patients' beds.

The boards can contain information about family, favourite foods and dislikes.

The idea is to make patients' time in the unit as comfortable as possible and help the team of medical staff treating them.

Occupational therapist Maxine Dadd had asked for the boards and Amazon, which regularly supports the hospice, was happy to help.

Maxine said: "These boards help to capture the little bits and pieces about who you are - simple things like how you like your cup of tea.

"These are the little details that make things more personal.

"One gentleman didn't like the way his chair was positioned and didn't like the fact that he couldn't see who was coming in and felt people were creeping up on him.

"We changed the position of his chair and he settled really well and went to a care home in Port Glasgow and little things like how he likes his tea, what he likes to eat and things he likes to watch on TV helped him settle in there too.

"He had a brother who lived in America and he was upset because he didn't visit and used to get quite agitated but then I drew an American flag on the board and told him his brother lived in America and then he remembered.

"The boards can also give focus of conversation for care staff."

Gavin Morrison, general manager of Amazon, said: "We are are very happy to continue to support the hospice and delighted to help."

Chris Morton, communications assistant for the hospice, added: "It's fantastic that a global company is supporting local charities.

"Amazon has been supporting the hospice for some time and given donations for our forthcoming ladies day and for our ball before this."