A GREENOCK woman who was diagnosed with cervical cancer at 28 has raised more than £1,000 for crucial research.

Jaclyn Johnstone, 30, went for a routine smear test and a few months later her life changed when she was told she had cancer.

Jaclyn, who is mum to Caitlyn Lynsey, had a radical hysterectomy and is now cancer free, although still suffers the effects and has issues with her mobility and struggles with stairs.

In a bid to give back for all the help she received Jaclyn, with the help of everyone at her local bowling club, Rankin Park, organised a ladies day and raised £1,500 for Cancer Research UK.

More than 40 women took to the green on the day with an additional 20 people turning out to show their support.

Jaclyn said the day proved a 'huge success'.

Jaclyn said: “It was a great day, exhausting, but great.

"In total we raised a massive £1,500 and I am delighted.

“My club donated £100 and an amazing lady who wished to remain anonymous also donated £100 to the cause and my uncle Jim added to the amount raised to make it £1,500.

“I can’t thank all the ladies who came enough.

"The girls in the club all rallied round to make sure it was a great success and helped me massively.

“The amount of home baking, sandwiches and cakes was overwhelming and helped make it a great day.”

Jaclyn extended her thanks to everyone who turned out and showed support on the day.

She said: “I would like to thank all the men who came to help at the event, my cousin Lynsey who has been there for me since the start and was by my side during the event, everyone at the club for all their support, the local businesses who donated to help make it a success and Julie who made a phenomenal cake.

“Without all these people and those who came along on the day I wouldn’t have been able to raise such a great amount of money. I am still in shock at the amount of people and the support that I have had from them."