NEWARK Primary children are singing and solving all the crimes in fairytale land in this year's end-of-school show.

There is no shortage of talent in this school either on stage or behind the scenes - as pupils bring musical 'Porridge' to life.

A talented 50-strong cast and crew pulled together an uplifting, fun show, with fantastic performances from beginning to end.

They took their audience on a magical journey into a land of make believe, answering age old puzzles like 'Who pushed Humpty Dumpty off the Wall?'

Taking to the stage as Detective Jack Spratt, Kerr Donaldson, 11, said: "There is lots of singing, it is great fun.

"I am trying to solve all the crimes in Happy Valley with some help from friends."

Every year Newark Primary gives pupils with a love of drama and music the chance to shine with their summer shows.

Primary seven pupil Lana Hefferman has taken all the opportunities that come her way.

This year she is Mother Hubbard, Lana added: "I love the school shows and I love drama.

"I go to the after-school clubs every week."

Teacher Jackie Gilbride says it has been a privilege to lead this year's show.

She said: "The show is an after-school club open to primary five, six and sevens so they are really committed to it.

"It is their choice to be a part of it.

"There are kids involved in the lighting, sound and technical side - they do it all."