AN ACTOR from Kilmacolm who ditched his day job to follow his dream is now filming in Turkey for yet another Netflix series.

Former electrician Andrew McAlindon turned his stint as an extra on global hit Outlander into a passion and he now runs his own Jacobite-inspired Highlands tour.

On the back of his success he is now set to feature in a new drama called The Ottoman Rising, which is set in the 15th Century.

His meteoric rise over the last three years has seen him in front of the camera in dramas like In Plain Sight and iconic comedy Still Game.

He is also a YouTube star after his film How to Wear a Plaid went viral.

The dad-of-three, who was in Istanbul filming for the six part series, said: "Life is full of ups and downs and saying 'yes' is my philosophy.

"It can open doors for you and what's the worst that can happen.

"I am now out filming in Istanbul."

Andrew plays a character called John Grant in the docu drama depicting the rule of Ottoman ruler Mehmed II, who conquered Constantinople at the age of only 21 and brought an end to the Byzantine Empire.

His reforms at home including encouraging arts and science made him a modern day hero in Turkey.

Andrew's role in The Ottoman Rising comes hot on the heels of Outlander which has a cult following in the US and is now a major tourist pull in Scotland.

He has appeared in a number of roles in the show, even acting as a double for lead character Sam Heughan.

Andrew has tapped into the popularity of the time travelling drama to launch his own Jacobite tours.

He also campaigns to protect historical sites and visits schools to educate children on the history of the time.

On the back of his Outlander passion Andrew became interested in Highland dress and the way of life for Jacobites.

His YouTube film on How to Wear a Plaid became a huge hit and he now has a following in the USA.

Andrew, 40, was part of the Kilmacolm Amateur Dramatic Society along his wife Ana and decided to sign up as an extra.

At first he juggled his time on set while continuing as a self-employed electrician.

But as the roles and opportunities came thick and fast he packed in his trade to concentrate on his new tour business and his budding career in acting.