A VOLATILE son grabbed his father by the throat and dug his nails into his neck in a bust-up over a packet of CIGARETTES.

Ian Lamond, 27, shouted and swore at his dad during the flashpoint incident at home.

The 27-year-old told him: "I hope you die."

Lamond later breached a bail order to stay away from the property, turning up on Boxing Day demanding his 'Christmas money'.

Greenock Sheriff Court heard how Lamond has now been referred for specialist assessment into anger management issues.

Prosecutor Claire Rowan said: "The accused was within the living room with his brother and father.

"An argument took place regarding a packet of cigarettes.

"The father attempted to retrieve the cigarettes from the accused and the accused grabbed him by the throat with one hand and dug his nails into his neck."

The court heard that Lamond called his father 'smelly' and 'old', among other insults which cannot be published.

When cautioned and charged by police, he said: "I want my father charged with assault."

He committed the assault and abusive behaviour offences on December 12 last year.

Lamond then defied a court order to stay away from the house on Belville Avenue on December 26 and waited for his father to come home.

Fiscal depute Miss Rowan said: "He walked into the unlocked house at 3pm and remained there with his mother.

"His father returned at 5pm and he requested the accused to leave, and he refused.

"The father did not initially contact the police with it being Christmas.

"The accused later began arguing with his father because he'd not been given his Christmas money.

"His father then contacted the police."

Lamond, of John Wilson Street, was also charged with singing sectarian songs in another alleged incident a year ago but his not guilty plea to this was accepted.

Defence lawyer Derek Buchanan told the court that his client has been referred for an assessment into 'underlying issues with anger management'.

Mr Buchanan added: "He has come to the conclusion that something has to be done.

"If things can be managed he would like a relationship with his father.

"He did state to me, 'He is my old man after all'."

Sheriff Derek Hamilton placed Lamond under supervision for 12 months and ordered him to carry out 165 hours of unpaid work.