TWO young children have been left distraught after their bikes were stolen in Greenock.

Six-year-old Sean Mitchell and his sister Eva Gillan, who attend All Saints Primary, were left in tears when they discovered that the bicycles had been taken from outside their home in Sinclair Street.

Their mum Louise Gillan, 38, believes they were taken some time in the early hours of Sunday.

Louise said: "They are distraught.

"Their wee friends have got bikes, so they can't play with them now.

"I'm annoyed as I'd only just bought Sean's bike a couple of weeks ago from Halfords - it was £135.

"Eva's bike was bought second hand for about £50 but it was brand new.

"I've been here for years and nothing has been stolen before.

"I'll offer a £50 reward for the return of the bikes."

Little Sean says he is really upset to lose his bike.

He said: "I'm really sad.

"I like going out on my bike every day with my friends."

Eva added: "I like to go out on my bike all the time."

Louise says the bikes, which had stickers with the kids' names on them, were lying against a wall outside their home.

She said the police have been informed but has asked people in the area to keep their eyes out for the bikes.