AN angler who broke a man's jaw in a brutal mob-handed attack has been jailed.

Robert Coleman and two others set upon the man after he disturbed their shore side fishing by jumping into the Clyde.

The severely injured victim had to have a metal plate surgically inserted into his face and he still has no sense of smell or taste a year after the serious assault.

His sister told a trial that Coleman, 51, and his cohorts 'were like a pack of wild animals' as they pounced on him.

The woman said: "It was a prolonged, sustained, kicking and stamping brutal attack.

"It was three on one and my brother had no chance."

Despite the severity of the assault, Coleman — who has no record of violence — was prosecuted at summary level which carries a maximum sentence of 12 months, instead of on indictment which would have triggered a much stiffer penalty.

He has ended up with a five-month prison sentence, reduced from eight months because he spent the equivalent of the three-month jail term on remand.

Because offenders serve only half of their headline sentences he will be released after around ten weeks.

The court heard how the attack happened after the victim had jumped into the water near Cartsdyke Avenue on June 7 last year during a 'great day' out with family and friends.

His sister said: "They wouldn't stop. I was screaming but they wouldn't stop.

"My brother was on the floor, I don't know if he was conscious or not but he wasn't moving.

"My life's never been the same."

Coleman's lawyer, Aidan Gallagher, said: "There is no previous history of violence on his part.

"Without losing sight of the injuries sustained by the complainer, the court could be of the view that an alternative to custody could be considered."

Sheriff Daniel Kelly told Coleman, of Farrie Street: "I have listened to what has been said on your behalf and considered your record and the background report.

"But I have to balance that against the nature of the offence, the injuries and the way in which they were incurred, which included punching and kicking.

"The only appropriate disposal is one of custody."