THE secretary at a Port Glasgow primary school will be forever remembered after a special plaque was unveiled in her memory.

Elizabeth Cochrane was 64 when she passed away in September 2018 following a battle with cancer.

Elizabeth spent 33 years working in local schools including St Michael’s, Slaemuir and most recently, St Francis' Primary where she was a valued and loved member of staff.

Described as the 'mum of the school', parents, teachers and pupils all went to Elizabeth for everything from a plaster to advice.

Acting depute head Margaret Kelly said: “Elizabeth was secretary of the school for 12 years and she really was like the mum of the school, she was there for everyone and nothing was too much trouble.

"She was loved by everyone in the school community.”

Due to her ill health Elizabeth never got a retirement party in the school.

As a way of remembering someone who meant so much to them, the school decided to produce a plaque in her memory.

Margaret was a member of the congregation at St Mary’s Church in Port Glasgow and had worked to encourage a link between it and the school.

The pupils from the school now put on a concert at Christmas for the congregation and Elizabeth and her daughter started a youth club at the church which is attended by many of the pupils.

Members of Elizabeth’s family, church, pupils and colleagues turned out at St Mary’s to unveil the tribute to her.

Following a short service her daughter Gillian Rodgers unveiled the memorial.

As well as the plaque, two cherry blossom trees have been planted in Elizabeth's memory, one outside the school reception and one outside the church to represent the link she had helped to create.

Gillian said: “It is such a fitting tribute, she would have loved it.

“She loved her job and would have been so happy to see the pupils here today, they did her proud and their singing was beautiful.

“She knew every child’s name and did everything she could to help everyone.

“The school and the church were everything to her and everyone she knew and met became an extension of her family.

“Mum was always involved with everything like school and church fetes.

"She was the church secretary and together we started the youth club.

“It was emotional to see the plaque and that the school saw how much being part of the church meant to her.

“The trees are lovely - mum loved cherry blossoms and it is lovely that there is one at the church and right outside the window where she sat."

Elizabeth’s husband Arthur, her son Graeme, her aunt and uncle, Gillian’s husband Alastair and Gillian’s children John, 16, Matthew, 13, and Emily, 10, were also at the ceremony.

Mrs Kelly added: “Elizabeth did so much for everyone, the school, the staff, the parents and the pupils.

“The plaque is there forever now and Elizabeth will always be remembered.”