A GLOBETROTTING Gourock musician turned artist is preparing for her first ever solo exhibition on home soil.

Multi-talented Jill Leighton, 36, gave up performing after being rocked by the death of her mum and musical influence, Audrey, in 2006 at the age of just 52.

The singer-songwriter had performed throughout Europe and the United States and turned to art to fill the creative void in her life.

She juggles that with being a full-time carer for her beloved grandmother Christina, who is 96.

Her eye-catching drawings are inspired by her childhood growing up in places like Papua New Guinea and across Asia through her step-dad's work.

Art has had a profound impact on her and helped her during one of the most difficult periods of her life.

She is now preparing to showcase her work in public for the first time at the Beacon.

Jill, who lives near Castle Levan, said: "Without sounding cheesy, art helped me.

"I'm a singer-songwriter and I was performing all over the world but when my mum died it was too much to keep playing because mum was the inspiration for music my whole life. "When she passed away in 2006 it was sudden. "It was a real shock and totally stopped my creative flow musically.

"I was struggling with that and that's how I found art and it's been a healing process.

"I'm also now doing music again so it's gone full circle.

"Because I'm a full-time carer it's hard to go and play gigs all the time so with art it means my grandmother is looked after and I can still express myself."

Jill travelled with her family until her late teens and graduated from Goldsmiths University of London in 2005 with an honours degree in music.

After performing for over a decade, she returned home to Gourock about nine years ago to care for her grandmother.

Jill's exhibition, 'Reawakening', features over 40 hand-drawn illustrations inspired by the natural world and her passion for music.

She admits her work is a bit 'out there' but is pleased to offering something unique and adding a splash of colour locally.

Jill said: "It's maybe not your typical art for this area.

"It's quite funky, a bit trippy.

"I've had no training, it just comes out of nowhere.

"This is my first ever exhibition.

"I have seen a few at the Beacon before and it's a great place with a nice, welcoming feel."

'Reawakening' opens on Saturday and runs until July 8 at the Beacon.

Admission is free.