A RETIRED police officer called to a halt to a road resurfacing project after spotting pollution and breaches in health and safety.

Robbie Fisher, of Ardgowan Street, says workers carrying out resurfacing works in the west end have not been following proper procedures.

The pensioner previously liaised the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) when he served in the force and is familiar with the regulations.

He raised the alarm when he saw workmen carving up a street early in the morning.

He said: "A cloud of smoke had been generated and I called Inverclyde Council telling them I wanted something done about it.

"The workmen were not using ear defenders, or breathing respirators and no water dust suppressants."

The 71-year-old added: "I spoke to the workmen and the HSE.

"I told them 'what you are doing is against the law, you should have ear defenders, breathing respirators and water siphons to sprinkle the water on the ground so it doesn't generate huge clouds of brown smoke.'"

Robbie says he was told that the circular saw being used had a water siphon built into but this was broken and the workers were using a watering can.

The workers were resurfacing between Patrick Street, Ardgowan Street and Kelly Street.

Robbie said: "I told the men it was as much for their sake as it was for us.

"They could contract a nasty disease - this is a hot topic just now."

Following Mr Fisher's complaint a council supervisor was sent out and worked was halted.

A council spokesman said: "The faulty machinery Mr Fisher rightly identified has now been fully repaired and we have highlighted and advised in the required use of personal protective equipment supplied for work like this."

Welcoming the steps taken, Robbie said: "It's such a simple set of rules that you need to follow."